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Let's bring positive change to Kentucky communities by ensuring our nonprofits are fully equipped to seize historic funding opportunities.
Communities need help building their capacity and they need it now.

They need help writing grant applications that meet funder specifications.They need help acquiring match funding. They need help distributing and administering funds effectively. And they need help assessing impact.

So, let’s help them. The stimulus money is coming, so let’s leverage states, localities, foundations and local organizations to get the money where it is most needed.
- Tom Barkin, President
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Fast Facts:

To take advantage of once-in-a-lifetime funding opportunities, Kentucky’s nonprofits need support to become “grant ready”. This work must begin now, since nonprofits in Kentucky, including those in rural and under-resourced communities, are competing against other states for funding.

The process of writing a competitive grant proposal can be challenging.  Federal grant applications can be hundreds of pages long and take 100 hours or more for an experienced grant professional to complete. Additionally, grants often require a cash match of 20% or more, which can be an insurmountable barrier.

However, these barriers can provide an opportunity for donors to make a significant impact. By supporting nonprofits in building their grant-writing capacity and providing timely match pledges, the impact of every dollar can be multiplied 5 to 20 times, transforming Kentucky communities.

Here are four ways to support this work today:

1. Donate: Your financial support will help us provide grant resources and technical assistance to Kentucky nonprofits during this unique moment of increased grant opportunities.

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Donations are accepted through Blue Grass Community Foundation

2. Volunteer: Sign up for our volunteer list to help review grant applications or lend your expertise to our capacity-building efforts.

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3. Submit a Resource: Help us keep our information up-to-date by submitting grant opportunities or free resources for Kentucky nonprofits. Foundations funding in Kentucky are also invited to complete this form if you’d like our help broadcasting your grant process or opportunities.

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4. Pledge a Match: Foundations and philanthropists can maximize their impact by offering the private match component for high ROI projects.

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